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Inbound call-handling: Book service appointments without lifting a finger

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About Service Overflow

With GSM’s Service Overflow, your inbound service calls come first. Our professionally trained staff schedules service appointments and gathers hot leads so your dealership can spend more time with the customers already in your store.


Service Overflow saves you time and puts an end to lost appointments. Whether you’re short staffed, experiencing high call volumes, or inundated with high foot traffic, your dealership can be there for every customer.

What's in it for you?

  • Increase in service appointments
  • Lower cost-per-lead
  • Better customer experience: quicker answer speed, no waiting on hold, no dropped calls
  • More time with customers in your dealership

Solution Details

  • After-hours availability 
    • Custom call handling hours - dealers can pick what times to have agents handle inbound calls (peak times, after-hours, weekends, etc.)
      • Calls answered Monday-Saturday 7am-11pm EST and Sunday between 9am-6pm EST 
  • Real-time service appointment scheduling
    • Compatible with common scheduling systems like Autobook, XTime, Time Highway, and others
    • Dealership representatives receive email alerts for all scheduled appointments after completion of a call
  • Generate Hot Leads
    • Dealership representatives receive notes on customers that have a concern or require a call back from a dealership representative
    • Hot Leads are emailed to a dealership representative immediately after completion of a call
  • Scripted Calls: scripting follows industry best practices for handling inbound service calls:
    • Confirmation of vehicle owned
    • Secure email address and preferred phone number
    • Arrival instructions – customers know exactly what to do and what to expect
    • Information and pricing for common maintenance 
  • Reporting
    • Dealers receive weekly and monthly reporting detailing all inbound calls and handle time
    • Ability to request call recordings on-demand
    • Customer-level detailed reporting

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